How do OriginO organic products differ from non-organic products?
OriginO products are 100% sustainable; zero environment-damaging chemicals such as, fertilizers or pesticides, are used; our innovative drainage and irrigation system ensures no contamination from neighbouring farms; and we also do not use genetically modified seeds. On top of that, we guarantee consistent quality and excellent flavour!
What are the benefits of OriginO products?
When you purchase OriginO products, you can trust that you are getting tomatoes and cucumbers that are highly nutritious, taste great, chemical free, and safe to feed your entire family. You are also supporting sustainable farming that contributes zero negative impact on the environment.
Where can I purchase OriginO products?
Our products are available from many retailers throughout Canada and the US. If you can’t find OriginO products in your local grocery store, ask your produce manager for them. For more information, please contact us.
What is the best way to pick a ripe OriginO tomato?
A ripe tomato will have an intense tomato fragrance, feel heavy and have a bit of give when lightly pressed.
How should I store OriginO tomatoes?
Keep at room temperature, away from direct sunlight for up to 3 days. To speed ripening, place in a paper bag. Do not refrigerate.
What are the nutritional benefits of OriginO Tomatoes?
Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A (betacarotene), calcium, potassium and iron. The redness of tomatoes is due to the presence of an antioxidant, lycopene, which prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the body. The risk of other health conditions such as heart disease and high cholesterol can be minimized when one eats tomatoes on a regular basis.
How do you control bugs?
Being organic we can not use chemical pesticides in our greenhouses to eliminate bugs. We create a natural “environment” by bringing in “good” bugs to control the “bad” bugs.
Are OriginO products environmental friendly?
Yes! Our sustainability model includes processing raw materials into organic fertilizers, processing plant waste into compost as part of our soil, and a 100% drainage recycling program.