Origin’s Innovations – It’s what makes us different.

Origin Organics Farms are 100% sustainable. There are no negative impacts on the environment.

Developed by our research team, the prime ingredient is compost, which is used as the base of our soil. It is comprised of leaves, stems and fruit prunings from our greenhouse operation. Old and dead plants are also composted to become soil for new plants.

Our own proprietary organic fertilizer was also developed by our research team. It comprises of only all-natural, organic, raw materials. It is also water-soluble at the perfect nutrient level, which guarantees better plant growth and produces better tasting tomatoes and cucumbers.

Drainage – our sophisticated drainage and irrigation practices ensure no water, pesticide or chemical contamination from neighbouring farms. All drainage is recycled for reuse.

According to the University of Guelph’s findings, Origin Organic tomatoes contain more lycopene than conventionally-grown tomatoes.